L.A. Lakers: The Defeat of the Celtics Will Change Melo’s Trade Market

Everybody seemed to have it written down and solidified.

The Los Angeles Lakers were just plain lost and their sub-.500 record against the league's top competition would spell failure for them as this season continued.

After Thursday night, it might be time to rethink the death of the champions.

The Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in their backyard, 92-86, in front of a national audience, somewhat payback for the defeat Boston handed them in Staples several weeks ago.

Although it wasn't the one-sided affair it was in L.A.—the Lakers proved that they aren't ready to give up that championship title yet.

After recent reports of trade rumors involving Denver Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony and Lakers C Andrew Bynum, the center responded with a 16-point, nine-rebound effort in the win.

Even though Phil Jackson denied reports that the Lakers were looking to deal for Anthony, the recent struggles of the team just fueled speculation.

Bynum was a deterrent defensively against the Celtics, altering shots and offering a low-post presence that championship teams need to thrive.

How does this change the need for Melo in L.A. and where he ultimately ends up?

Whenever a proverbial championship team such as the Lakers are losing games, everyone questions their hunger and come up with sexy rumors that usually have little to no truth to them but have to be addressed.

In response to L.A.'s recent issues, ESPN reporter Chris Broussard reported that the Lakers may be looking to ship Bynum and Ron Artest for Melo.

Any and all Lakers personnel denied this assertion, and Bynum labeled it "just another rumor."

Perhaps he went out in a statement game to prove his worth and give Lakers nation a reason to not call for his head.

Besides the obvious issue of Kobe, Melo and Pau Gasol all getting shots, the possibility of break...

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