L.A. Lakers Survival Guide to Stay Afloat Until Kobe Bryant’s Return

The Los Angeles Lakers need to find a way to survive until the return of the Great One.

Meanwhile, the questions just won’t stop. On Friday, Kobe Bryant informed the usual media horde that he was back to running and pushing hard. According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, the Mamba got just a little testy at the continuing timetable requests.

“This is turning into a press conference. I just wanted to get my weekly thing out of the way,” he said.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN Lakers, tweeted about Bryant’s progress as well:

In the meantime, there are games to be played. Here then, a short and sweet survival guide, just to get us through these harsh times:


Put Jordan Hill in the Game, Please

Jordan Hill brings athleticism and energy to the game. During the Lakers’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on November 1, however, Hill was bench-bound until the final quarter. Coach D’Antoni says he’ll give him more of a look.

That would be a good thing, especially considering that the former No. 8 overall draft pick put up five points, four boards and an assist in short minutes. 


Bring Us the Beast, Meeks

Jodie Meeks has always been known as a shooter, not a dribble-driver. That's changed considerably. Per Ben Rosales at Silver Screen and Roll, Meeks put a lot of time in over the summer, channeling his inner beast:

Meeks clearly spent the offseason doing nothing but practicing his handle and driving at the rim since his slashing ability is leagues better than last year, when essentially every possession in which he put the ball on the floor was a huge waste. He now has displayed a pretty decent finishing ability at the rim and even broke out a floater for one of his scores. As part of a high tempo bench, he has put these newfound skills to ...

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