L.A. Lakers: Predicting Who Will Be the Lakers’ Best Bench Player

The Los Angeles Lakers boast one of the fiercest front lines in the NBA in addition to that Mamba guy, but what about their supporting cast—specifically, LA's bench?

If you watched any semblance of basketball this past year, you can point to the Lakers bench as the weak link in what is considered by many as a championship-level starting lineup.

There's Kobe Bryant on the wing, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum (or possibly Dwight Howard, soon) upfront, and the recent addition, Steve Nash, at point. Let's not also forget about Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, and his encouraging play during the late stretches of last season. 

While the Lakers have added some punch with their acquisition of Antawan Jamison, there is little depth on this bench unit, especially at the wing.The Lakers have no reliable backup to either Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash, and both players are entering the season at age 34 and 38, respectively.  

Steve Blake is not a stable option behind Nash, though his play last season was somewhat encouraging. In addition, Kobe Bryant hasn't had a reliable backup since Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic donned a Lakers jersey. 

I'm joking, but you get my drift. Why haven't the Lakers fixed this issue over the years? Here are three reasons: Money, Money, and...Money. 

The Lakers have a ton of money tied up in their so-called 'Big Three' and with parts of the new CBA kicking in soon, it will be even more difficult for owner Jerry Buss to balance such a huge payroll. 

But, to receive talent, the Lakers will have to spend. Not every player will take the veteran's minimum, as Antawan Jamison did in his attempt to win that elusive championship. 

Laker fans have witnessed Jordan Famar, Josh Powell, and even Shannon Brown depart in free agency for greener pastures or better opportunities for play...

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