L.A. Lakers: Pau Gasol Needs a Dose of Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum’s Attitude

L.A. Lakers power forward Pau Gasol is usually the best player at his position whenever his team hits the court, but imagine how good Gasol could be if he played like he really believed that.

Gasol is probably one of the top five power forwards in the game, but he could easily be the best if he had the same type of drive, desire and attitude as two of his other star teammates.

Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum are usually the two best players at their respective positions in most of the Lakers' games as well, but the only difference is they both play the game like they believe it.

The will to win and the desire to be great is what separates the good players in the NBA from the great ones, and Bryant plays the game with an intensity and passion that may be unrivaled in the game today.

The threat of injury may prevent Bynum from ever being a great player, but since the All-Star break, he has shown how good he can be when healthy.

Bynum has averaged more than 12 rebounds per game and shot better than 60 percent from the field in the Lakers' last 20 games, and he has asserted himself in a manner that Gasol should envy.

Bynum is blessed with good footwork, quickness, strength, height and an old-school post game, but as with Bryant, it's Bynum's attitude and passion that makes him stand out.

Gasol is just as skilled as Bryant and Bynum, but he doesn't play the game with the same passion.

During the Lakers' current three-game losing streak, Gasol has averaged 17 points per game and eight rebounds, which are pretty decent numbers, but they fail to tell the whole story.

The Lakers' opponents in those games were Denver, Utah and Golden State, and in each contest, Gasol held a size and skill advantage over his counterpart, but he didn't approach those games with that attitude.

Gasol was pushed around by Nene, Paul Milsap and David Lee respectively, and never ...

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