L.A. Lakers or Chicago Bulls: Which Team Has the NBA’s Top Frontcourt?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls play in different conferences and they have different philosophies, but the teams do share a few similar qualities.

Both the Lakers and Bulls have superstar perimeter players in Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose respectively, but each team's NBA title hopes rest in the strength of their interior players.

Rose and Bryant capture the headlines but Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom for the Lakers, and Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson for the Bulls will likely be the reasons that either team hoists the Larry O'Brien trophy in June.

The Bulls and Lakers' frontcourts have distinguished themselves as arguably the NBA's best, but which team's interior unit reigns supreme?

The Bulls are second in the NBA in rebounding at 44.3 per game, with Noah leading the way at 11.9 per game followed by Boozer's 9.7 and Gibson's 5.6.

The Lakers are fourth in the NBA in rebounding at 43.7 per game, with Gasol averaging 10.4 rebounds per game followed by Odom at 9.0 and Bynum with 7.7.

The average rebounding numbers between the two groups is perhaps as close as you could get, with the Bulls' trio holding a slight edge at 27.2 rebounds per game compared to the 27.1 rebounds the Lakers' trio averages.

It's difficult to compare the offensive and defensive numbers of the Bulls and Lakers interior trios, because although each team excels in both categories, the approach is different for each team.

The major focus of the Bulls' interior players is defense, although Boozer's 18.9 points per game gives them the offensive presence they were missing last season.

The Lakers' interior group, led by Gasol's 18.7 points per game, are known more for their ability to score, although Bynum provides the defensive toughness and edge, as he demonstrated in last season's NBA Finals.

The Lakers' interior players average a combined...

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