L.A. Lakers’ New Small Forward? Why Tayshaun Prince Makes More Sense

Over the course of the past year, the media has been saturated with potential trade moves involving the Los Angeles Lakers.

First, there was the Steve Nash deal.

But the Suns are not likely to deal away the face of their franchise and lone ticket seller unless he asks to be dealt. Besides, could Kobe Bryant really co-exist with a true point guard?

Then there was the Dwight Howard talk.

This is laughable at best. Would Howard like to come to LA? Absolutely. Would Orlando deal their big man for anything that the Lakers currently have? Not a chance.

Now the talk has settled on Carmelo Anthony.

Of course, it makes sense that people would talk about this. The Lakers are the two-time defending champs and they have seemingly hit a bit of a wall. They need some sort of injection of new blood to get them hopping again.

And why not Carmelo? He obviously wants out of Denver. They obviously want to avoid Cleveland's fate by getting nothing for their star. It is an obvious fit, right?

Not a chance.

First off, let's take a look at what Denver wants for Anthony. They are looking for at least two No. 1 picks and young talent. The Lakers can dangle Andrew Bynum, and Denver would certainly like the enigmatic Lakers center.

But the Lakers cannot be willing to deal away their next two No. 1 picks. They are an aging team that will need those picks to replenish their talent level over the next couple years. Or else, they run the same risk as the Lakers teams of the 90's.

Therefore, the cost of Carmelo is likely too stiff for the Lakers.

But wait a second, why even go after Carmelo in the first place?

Take a look at the Lakers right now. I am not a Lakers fan, so I can look at them objectively. This is a team with two primary issues, defense and rebounding.

They are a team that is struggling defensively. In the past, the La...

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