L.A. Lakers: Mike Brown Would Be a Great Pick If He Never Worked in Cleveland

Former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown was recently named as the choice to succeed retiring Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, and all I can say is really?

If the Lakers were seeking to send a message to the rest of the NBA in the wake of their postseason demolition at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks, then mission accomplished.

But I'm not sure if the signal Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss are sending will really benefit the Lakers in the long term.

Since the announcement was made that Brown would become the next Lakers coach, numerous articles have been written that illustrate the bewilderment most Lakers fans feel over Brown's appointment.

Friend and fellow Lakers Featured Columnist Harrison Moore calls the selection of Brown the end of the Lakers dynasty, and after considering the out-of-nowhere decision to hire Brown, I would have to agree, but perhaps for different reasons.

There is no denying that Brown has proven himself as one of the best defensive-minded coaches in the NBA as his stint in Cleveland reveals, but his time with LeBron James and the Cavaliers also offers a little more insight into Brown's coaching abilities.

When it comes to the x's and o's of basketball Brown has shown that he is capable of strategizing with the best of the NBA's coaches, but when it comes to motivating and inspiring his players, it would be kind to say he falls a little short.

If you don't remember, Brown led the Cavaliers to the NBA's top playoff seed for two consecutive seasons in 2009-10, only to see his team fail on the game's grandest stage each time without a Finals trip.

James received most of the blame for Cleveland's postseason failures but Brown was just as responsible, because when the Cavaliers were against the ropes in the playoffs, coach Brown was unable to make the proper adjustments.

And the Lakers choose to hire a guy who couldn't even ...

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