L.A. Lakers Hire Mike Brown as Head Coach: Trust the Buss!

The Los Angeles Lakers have a storied history, and most of that is attributable to their owner, Dr. Jerry Buss. He’s owned the Lakers 30 years and his team has played in 15 NBA Finals. That’s one finals every other year this man has owned the Lakers.

So I’m going to go away from all the criticism of this recent coaching hire and swing the ball to the weak side.

Yes, the hiring of ex-Cleveland head coach Mike Brown took me aback, like everyone. It was a surprise, both in its swiftness and out-of-left-fieldness (that’s a technical term).

I immediately kept asking: What can Brown do for you?

I’m not sure. He’s a defensive-minded coach with an aging team. It might take more than people expect to get the Lakers to buy into his schemes.

Brown also hasn’t gotten off on the best foot. The rumor circulating that appears true is that Kobe Bryant was NOT consulted, asked, even alerted of the hire of Brown. Not even a whisper.

That might be the biggest shocker of the hire of all. You’d think someone with as much basketball acumen and knowledge as Kobe would have at least been asked what he thought of Brown.

No go. 

The Lakers ownership, led by Dr. Jerry Buss’ son, Jim, played this one in isolation. This was one of those "move everyone to the other side and I’ll take it on" moves.

Now, the move sits entirely on Jim Buss’ shoulders. It might pay off. The Lakers still have a fantastic core. If general manager Mitch Kupchak can add some younger ancillary pieces, this team will be back, and back strong. Brown will have them playing strong D, count on that.

And don’t kid yourself—Dr. Jerry Buss was involved in this decision. His son Jim might have led this, but Dr. Buss made the final decision.

That’s why I don't want you to freak out. Trust the Buss. The man didn&rsqu...

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