L.A. Lakers’ Free-Agency Wish List

With the Los Angeles Lakers on the ropes against the San Antonio Spurs, it would be prudent to look ahead to an offseason of change.

While the Lakers do retain the services of some of their more serviceable role players, it is apparent that they are going to have to spend quite a bit of money in the free-agency pool in order to try and remain competitive in a tough Western Conference.

Although this free-agency class may not have been as strong as the 2011 free-agency pool, there is no doubt that there are a myriad of players here who would fit the Lakers' needs.

Possessing a variety of weaknesses on both ends of the floor, there are a variety of versatile players on the market who can help shore up these weaknesses and help the Lakers stay relevant. 

From franchise players to role players, there are five players who the Lakers should target above the rest in order to rectify their inadequacies. 

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