L.A. Lakers: Deron Williams Can Still Be a Laker Contrary to Rumors

If the Los Angeles Lakers are in the market for the services of Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams, they may still have a shot at signing him, but it will cost them their other seven-foot star.

According to Marc Stein at ESPN.com, Williams has narrowed his choices to the Dallas Mavericks or re-signing with the Nets, and the Brooklyn-bound franchise will not even consider a deal from the Lakers unless it includes center Andrew Bynum.

So what's the hold-up?

I am one of Bynum's biggest supporters, but I would trade him in a second when it comes to what he could be and what Williams is right now.

I know that you should never traditionally trade size for a perimeter player, and while Bynum may fit the traditional model of a low post center which is a rarity these days, is it enough to by-pass the chance to acquire a proven NBA star?

And a lead guard no less.

The Lakers may not need an elite point guard to contend with the strength of Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and the quickness of San Antonio's Tony Parker, but it sure couldn't hurt.

Parker spent his last few regular season games against the Lakers destroying the good vibes that Ramon Sessions' arrival had inspired, and in the playoffs Westbrook pretty much killed any theories that Sessions might be the Lakers best option going forward.

In fact, Sessions' pitiful performance in the Western Conference semifinals only added more questions to a team desperately seeking answers, and it's never good when the lead query is something like "is Sessions really that bad defensively?"

Yes he is, but what's worse is the way that Sessions faded when it mattered the most. Offensively, he was a non-factor and defensively he never showed up.

There are some Lakers fans who are willing to give Sessions another chance despite his on-court indiscretions and ...

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