L.A. Lakers B-List: Bynum, Blake, Brown Must Define Their Roles for the Playoffs

If the Los Angeles Lakers quest for a third straight NBA title could be made into a major motion picture, then Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and to a lesser extent Ron Artest would likely be cast as the leading men.

In Hollywood jargon those four players are the "A-List" actors when it comes to determining the Lakers fate in the 2011 NBA postseason, and the duty of securing a three-peat rests mainly in their hands.

But the Lakers' supporting cast must also serve their purpose, and just like with any great movie, their performances strengthen the effort by providing balance and rhythm.

That responsibility will fall mainly on the shoulders of center Andrew Bynum and reserves Shannon Brown and Steve Blake.

Bynum probably belongs in the first group of Lakers mentioned, but after yet another knee surgery, Bynum is just now polishing off the rust from his post skills and finding his stamina.

Bynum may be the most important member of the Lakers' "B-List" group, because when he teams with Gasol and Odom in the middle, it creates an advantage for the Lakers that few teams in the NBA can match.

The front court trio is not only the biggest group of interior players in the league, but they are arguably also the most talented, and when they control the offensive and defensive boards, the game usually flows better for the Lakers.

Bynum is responsible for setting the tone in the middle, because he is the more physical player of the Lakers interior trio.

Bynum provides toughness, rebounding, rim defense and he provides more room for Gasol to operate on offense because he is a true low post scorer.

During the Lakers' current five game winning streak, Bynum has begun to look more comfortable, and it seems that he is finally moving freely without favoring his surgically-repaired knee.

If Bynum is gaining his rhythm, then Brown is re-discovering his bec...

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