L.A. Lakers’ All-Decade Starting Fives: 1960-2010

The Los Angeles Lakers did not win 16 World Championships (11 of them in Los Angeles, five in Minneapolis) with smoke and mirrors. They won with great players, many of whom now reside in the NBA Hall of Fame.

The Lakers are truly one of the most iconic professional teams in American sports history. Their drive to win a 17th world championship starts this fall with four future Hall of Fame players among their starting lineup; Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

So, who would you pick as your starting five for each decade the Lakers have been in L.A., starting with the 1960's? Some of my picks may surprise you. 

Do you pick the five best players from each decade or should the list be by position, even if there were a couple of dominant centers who both played within that same span of time?

Take a look at five starting fives and let me know what you think. These are Laker lineups only an NBA coach in search of work could love.

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