L.A. Lakers: A Tribute to Chick Hearn, the Best Basketball Announcer of All Time

The NBA’s history is rich with the stories of legends. Most think of the great players to grace the courts, while others may think of the best coaches.

Many fans who take in most games from the comfort of their homes have come to appreciate the stars on their televisions and radios: the announcers. Among the most famous announcers on the NBA airwaves were the 76ers’ Dave Zinkoff and the Celtics’ Johnny Most. 

However, there was one NBA announcer that trumped them all, and that was Chick Hearn.

Many longtime Lakers fans are quite familiar with Hearn. However, many others know little about him.

This article is meant to be a tribute to his fantastic career. I hope this stirs memories for some and provides education for others.

Enjoy the tribute.

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