Kobe Bryant’s Top 5 Moments of Media Madness

Kobe Bryant’s reported “homophobic slur” towards a referee in the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the San Antonio Spurs is not the only time in his career where he has had a slip of the tongue in front of cameras.

Known for his strong personality, Bryant is no stranger to controversy and is usually on the troubled end of the public eye. That is who he has become, and as long as he performs like an All-Star on the court, we turn the other cheek. Shouldn’t we?

How important is a player’s persona when it comes to the sport they play? Michael Jordan was probably the cockiest athlete in the world, but he was always praised for the rings he brought to Chicago and the name he made for himself as a businessman.

Whatever views you may hold about him as a man, you have to admit that Kobe Bryant is an extremely controversial person, even when he is not trying to be. Here are five of the headlines that Bryant has taken part in as such a famed public figure.

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