Kobe Bryant’s Shoulder Strain Proves Lakers Must Be Cautious with Black Mamba

Even the superhuman can find a few cracks in their armor.

As the 2012-13 NBA regular season approaches, Kobe Bryant is preparing to enter his 17th year in the league. Still performing at a Hall of Fame caliber level, Bryant will lead a team of superstars in their pursuit of the Los Angeles Lakers' 17th NBA championship as a franchise.

Unfortunately, those dreams will be placed on a temporary hold as all of Los Angeles holds their breath.

Per a report via Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles, Bryant is nursing a strained shoulder and missed the Lakers' preseason showdown with the Portland Trail Blazers. This is just the latest injury that Bryant will be fighting through.

As all who are familiar with Kobe's career know, an injury like this won't stop the five-time NBA champion from playing come the regular and postseason. In fact, Bryant may still play if the shoulder was entirely dislodged.

"I just need to rest it. I should be fine...Last night it was very painful...It hurt to even lay down, [Kobe] Bryant said. But it's a lot better right now...I don't need [surgery]; it's not that serious."

As previously alluded to, Bryant has always been nursing an injury on some part of his body throughout the duration of his 16-year career. Year 17 appears to be no different in terms of fighting off a laundry list of ailments, but there will be one discrepancy from years past.

No longer is Bryant a young man by league standards. In fact, he is a very old 34 due to the unbelievable length of his NBA tenure.

For that reason, the Lakers must be cautious with the Black Mamba moving forward.


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