Kobe Bryant’s Miami Workout: Is the Black Mamba Too Dedicated for His Own Good?

As commendable as it might be, did Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant open himself up to fatigue and potential injury through overexertion with his Miami post-game workout?

Tough losses.

It's these losses that define players.

Not even necessarily professional athletes that get paid millions to play.

It could be a high school football league championship on the line, or a Little League game just for bragging rights.

It could be your brother's figure skating meet or your sister in the state wrestling tournament.

The worst loss I ever experienced was when I ran in for the winning touchdown of our state championship game and then it hit me that this was the last game I would be playing with my team...ever.

We all deal with our losses in different ways.

Some boys cry, some boys have even attempted suicide and died.

Most of us just sweep that loss under the rug and get ready for the next game.

But as if to prove to us that professional athletes are as sensitive as those of us that play just for the love of the sport and not for millions in salary and endorsement deals, there were two incidents in the NBA this past week that raised eyebrows.

After coming off a second loss to conference rivals the Chicago Bulls in just a matter of days, at least a couple of Miami Heat players dealt with their frustration by openly crying in the locker room after the game.

This incident was reported by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to the media in the post-game press conference.

While the reaction in the sports world was mostly ridicule and condemnation, there were a few soft hearts in the media that expressed that the Heat crying showed that they cared about winning.

Never mind that caring about winning is a prerequisite to being a professional athlete; after all, they're paid...

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