Kobe Bryant’s ‘Gay Slur’ and the 10 Stupidest Moments of His Career

There are many ways to describe the life and times of Kobe Bryant.

Some have heralded him as the greatest player to ever play for the Los Angeles Lakers, arguably the most storied franchise in NBA history. Plenty of cases have also been made for anointing Kobe as one of the five best basketball players of all time.

However, like any truly polarizing public figure, Kobe has many more detractors than supporters, and for good reasons. There are certainly plenty of basketball fans who despise Kobe for exercising his greatness against their favorite teams (i.e. the Sacramento Kings, the Boston Celtics, and so on).

Then, there are those whose hatred of the Black Mamba stems from the wide range of misdeeds committed by Bryant over the course of his career—"Kobe Haters," as they're referred to by Kobe fans and Laker Nation.

It is this group in particular that figures to take comfort in this list—a breakdown of the 10 worst moments of Kobe's long and winding career.

From Bryant's recent anti-gay slur towards an official all the way back to his days as a rambunctious young buck looking for a fight every night on the court, there's certainly no shortage of shenanigans for which one might choose to take umbrage with Kobe.

Read on for a glimpse at a handful of the dumbest.

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