Kobe Bryant’s Funniest Tweets Since He Joined Twitter

In the year 2013 it's hard to find a star athlete who isn't an avid user of social media. Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was one of the final holdouts, but even he couldn't resist stepping foot into the wonderful world of Twitter, where voices are amplified and opinions are heard loud and clear.

Whether it's by interacting with fans, apologizing for poor performances or responding to criticism, Twitter has allowed athletes to become more in touch with the public than ever before.

Ever since Kobe burst onto the social media scene, the basketball public has enjoyed the entertainment the five-time champion has brought to the table, with his off-court actions serving as media fodder just as often as his on-court play.

With tensions running high after the Lakers started the season a disappointing 15-18, Kobe brushed off a report from the New York Daily News that said he and newly acquired center Dwight Howard were involved in a postgame altercation, responding with this satirical interpretation of the proceedings:

In case you doubted his character, Kobe has shown through his use of social media that he has quite the sense of humor.

How did Kobe follow up his impressive social media debut? By posting a picture of himself donning Boston Celtics gear in an image that made fans from Los Angeles to Boston cringe in disgust.

Ah, what could have been. Boston wound up selecting Kentucky's Antoine Walker at No. 6 overall in the 1996 NBA draft, while the Charlotte Hornets snagged Bryant with pick No. 13 before dealing him to the Lakers. Everything's 20-20 in hindsight, but man, wouldn't that have been something?

Through the medium of Twitter, Kobe has shown us that he's quite adept at addressing controversies in a light-hearted manner, doing so at this year's All-Star Game by poking fun at the NBA's decision to veto the proposed trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lo...

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