Kobe Bryant’s 30,000 Points Are Least Important Facet of His Hall of Fame Career

With Kobe Bryant's 30,000th point against the New Orleans Hornets he joined an elite club of only five NBA players to score at least 30,000 in their career. However, it seems that this seemingly amazing point threshold is more of an arbitrary line of greatness, rather than a show of how skilled a player is.

Of course, to score 30,000 points you've got to be great for a long time, but that can be used as more of an argument as to who is the greatest scorer for the longest amount of time, rather than giving a hard and fast argument about who is the best player of all time.

Kobe's career has been full of ups and downs, and the most important aspect of his career isn't that he was able to hang around long enough to put up an ungodly number of points, but more of a collection of achievements and storylines throughout.

The hubbub surrounding Kobe's reaching the 30,000 point mark wasn't going to cement him in any kind of legendary status, as collective career numbers rarely do throughout NBA history, it just gets him a few steps closer to things that really matter.

Ultimately, if Kobe does end up playing long enough to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the all-time scoring lead, then we can talk about a scoring total being the most important thing he's done. For now, however, it's just a mile marker on Kobe's career.

It seems that in some form or order a few things top Kobe's total points as his legend stands now, and they could stay in front of that particular number even if he does end up taking a few more steps up the leader board.



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