Kobe Bryant Wants Mickael Pietrus in a Los Angeles Lakers Uniform

Kobe Bean Bryant wants Mickael Pietrus wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. Pietrus broke the news to L' Europe, a French sports website and said that the best player in the world (Bryant) told him last season that he wants him to play for the Lakers.

The irony of this revelation from Pietrus is that he is still under contract for one more season for the Lakers' Pacific Division rival, the Phoenix Suns.

"Phoenix didn't use me but that's their problem. I'm going to continue working. The only thing I care about is winning a title," said the French forward to L'Europe.

The Lakers are in need of an athletic talent such as Pietrus, who is known for solid defense and sharp shooting ability from beyond the arc. The encumbrance of Pietrus to the Lakers marriage for this upcoming season is that the purple and gold have a profusion of small forwards on their current roster. Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, Luke Walton and Devon Ebanks inhabit the list in that position.

A stratagem that may work for the Lakers and Pietrus is that the French wing has an expiring contract and so does Barnes, Walton and Ebanks. Pietrus is a better player than those three players and is more felicitous to what the Lakers do offensively as well. With double teams coming to Kobe, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the trio could kick the ball out to Pietrus for wide open shots, which could cultivate in a career year for the 29 year old former lottery pick.

In the offseason of last year, Bryant was impotent in his quest to get Raja Bell to sign with the Lakers. Perhaps, the current lockout will enable the Black Mamba to construct a scheme to lure Pietrus to Staples Center. Time is on Kobe and Pietrus side to lay the path to adding another weapon in the land of the Lakers.

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