Kobe Bryant vs. Derrick Rose: Which Player Will Win His Next MVP First?

Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose are two of the most dynamic players in the league. Both are easily considered the MVP of their respective teams but what about when going head to head? There are pros and cons for both Bryant and Rose, yet their names are always thrown into the MVP race. 

I don't see either guy winning it this year, Kevin Durant has that all but locked up. However, who will win their next MVP title first, Bryant or Rose?

Kobe is 33 years old. He won his only MVP of the regular season in 2008, has played 16 years in the league and has five rings to show for it. 

Rose is 23 years old. He won the MVP title last year, has played four years in the league and has no rings as of yet. 

Can Kobe win it again, or is he past his prime? Can Rose get healthy and put up solid numbers and lead his team to another Eastern Conference Finals? 

To Kobe, there is no such thing as age. Sure, he might be a little bit slower than he was a few years ago and might be sore more often than not, but he can still put up 40 points, hit the game-winning shot and lead a team to a championship. 

D. Rose is younger and more agile than Kobe, can drive to the basket better than anyone in the league and can also lead his team to victory.

This year Kobe is averaging 28 PPG, 4.6 APG and 5.5 RPG. Rose is averaging 22.8 PPG and 8 APG, but he has only played in 34 of the Bulls' 55 games.

As much as I love Kobe, I don't see him winning another MVP title before Derrick Rose. If Rose is healthy next season, he can win it again. Kobe is one of the best players in the game, but I don't see him beating out LeBron, Durant, Kevin Love or Rose for another MVP title.

Bryant is definitely the MVP of the Lakers and is one of the most respected players in the NBA. He plays through injuries, is a good mentor, takes and hits the tough shots and knows how to lead. While all of ...

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