Kobe Bryant Video: Watch the Black Mamba Explain the Kobe System

Say what you want about Kobe Bryant as a basketball player, but the guy makes for a damn good pitch man.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend has finally put his face to Nike's much-hyped Kobe System, which has already been hawked in ads by the likes of Kanye West, Sir Richard Branson, Hope Solo, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins and...errr...Aziz Ansari.

What do most of these folks have to do with the Kobe System? Well, aside from Ansari (sorry, buddy), they're all uber-successful, world-famous and wealthy beyond belief.

Will adhering to the Kobe System make you any (or all) of those things? Probably not, though buying a pair of Kobe's new kicks will certainly help to boost the Black Mamba's bottom line.

Not that he needs any help doing so, despite his expensive pending divorce from his soon-to-be-ex-wife Vanessa.

Now, for those of you who might be confused, the Kobe System is NOT the same thing as Kobe's System.

That is, unless Nike's version comes with trips to Germany for a round of orthokine and daily shots to numb excruciating pain in your shooting wrist.

Rumor has it, those add-ons will come with the deluxe version.

You know, the one that only folks like Kanye and Sir Richard Branson can afford.

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