Kobe Bryant to Wilt Chamberlain: Top 10 NBA All-Star Game Moments

While Pro Bowl 2011 proved just how un-inspiring the NFL’s annual All-Star gathering has become, the NBA All-Star Game has consistently managed to entertain fans and promote the league throughout the world.

The key to their success has been an ability to mix respect for the past, promotion of the young stars of the game, and the showcasing of elite athletes doing their thing in a fun and entertaining format. \

With the continual addition of new and fun events such as the dunk contest, the three-point shootout, and the Rookie-Sophomore game, the NBA has created a full gala extravaganza weekend of activities that attracts the best of the best, not only from the world of hoops, but also from other sports and the world of entertainment.

While the powers that be try to figure out how to un-break the Pro Bowl or make the MLB All-Star game more relevant, we present the Top Ten NBA All-Star games:

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