Kobe Bryant: The $100K Fine Is Appropriate

During a recent Los Angeles Lakers game on TNT, cameras caught Kobe Bryant calling a referee a gay slur. This slur is a word that is all too common in our society, and has no place in our daily life and especially not on the basketball court. 

After reviewing the slur, the league office decided to hand out a $100,000 fine to Bryant.

Critics have pointed to the culture of the league and the fact that countless people curse on the court every night, right in the path of television cameras, as proof that Kobe is being treated unfairly. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. 

First of all, Kobe Bryant directed this unrepeatable slur towards an NBA referee. The referees are employed by the NBA, same as the players, and the league has the right to protect the people who work for them.

Most of the time when cursing occurs, it is either incidental or directed towards another player. If it is directed to another player, the referees officiating the game have to right to hand out technical fouls because this is within the jurisdiction of the game.

However, the only thing there to defend the referees is the NBA itself, and it more than reserves to right to do just that.

Second of all, it's not necessarily important that Kobe cursed, it's what he said. The slur that Kobe aimed towards the official was meant to demean him by calling him an inferior "homosexual."

By using the word "homosexual" as an insult, he directly demeans the thousands of LGBT people in society today. 

The NBA is a business. Its purpose is to make money for everyone involved. If the NBA takes a stand that discriminating against thousands of people is acceptable because Kobe Bryant is a star, then any bad karma and scrutiny that surrounds the league will only increase.

The last thing that the NBA needs is to have bad karma and return to the desolate times of the Kobe Bry...

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