Kobe Bryant Shutting Down Twitter Commentary Is Disappointing but Smart Move

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs are in action for Game 2 of their Western Conference playoff series on Wednesday night, but the focus heading into that contest remains on Kobe Bryant. 

More specifically, narrative focus has shifted to how and when the Lakers star should and shouldn’t use Twitter.

As covered just about anywhere ending in a .com, Bryant live-tweeted during the Lakers' 91-79 loss to San Antonio on Sunday. Bryant was engaging, insightful and everything you'd expect from one of the league's smartest players during the game. He responded to fan comments, made observations the average viewer wouldn't see and relentlessly cheered on his team.

It was, for lack of a better term, awesome. Bryant’s live tweets were the most captivating thing to happen on social media not involving the self-destructive downfall of a former teen star in recent memory. 

Unfortunately, by now we all know there will be no encore performance from Coach Vino. Bryant took to Twitter after the game and said he would not be joining his followers with a live commentary for Game 2.

The reason? Well...all of our big mouths:

In the moments following Bryant’s announcement, the disappointment was understandable. His feed was engaging—not just for Lakers fans, but for NBA diehards who have long wanted to know what is in Bryant’s mind when watching basketball. It was as close to a Being John Malkovich as fans were ever going to get. 

And in the days leading up to Wednesday’s game, the disappointment has turned to First Amendment high horse riding. Yes, Bryant has the right to say and do whatever he pleases within the law on Twitter. He’s choosing not to. And he’s making the right decision. 

(Note: Even if the Lakers were to ask him to lay off, they would be well within their rights as his employ...

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