Kobe Bryant Should Join Twitter Full-Time

After Kobe Bryant took over Nike Basketball's Twitter feed, we finally realized just what we're missing with Bryant doing nothing on Twitter. It's time for the Mamba to get in the game for good.

With LeBron James, Kevin Durant and the rest of the NBA's superstars being such a big part of Internet social media, Kobe needs to step up his game to be the best at everything basketball-related.

Think about it, we know virtually nothing about Bryant in his personal time. The only Kobe we ever get to see is on the court, tearing other players' hearts out.

When Kobe popped up on Nike's Twitter feed, we got just that look into the life of the Black Mamba that we've never really seen before:


Btw I've decided to takeover nikes twitter handle for a few days. So yes I'm finally tweeting!! Mamba out

— Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) December 26, 2012


He spent the better part of two days with Nike's Twitter account at his mercy, and the things we were given a look into were pretty cool.

There wasn't anything specifically funny or eye-opening, but there was a look at his personal life that was really cool.

Of course, there were a few things about Kobe that you would have expected, like this ridiculously overzealous photo with his family, featuring Kobe in a tuxedo:


Merry Christmas!Enjoy the ones you love #countonfamily twitter.com/nikebasketball…

— Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) December 25, 2012
But there was also the look at him playing with his daughter. The only thing more that I could have hoped for would have been a video of Kobe on that green skateboard:


Me and Natalia having fun being active, I'm an amateur at best! twitter.com/nikebasketball…

— Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) December 27, 2012  

Of course, ther...

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