Kobe Bryant Return: Predicting Mamba’s Numbers Once He Comes Back from Injury

Kobe Bryant seems to think that once he’s healthy, he’ll be playing exactly like he has been over the course of his career—and I don't disagree one bit.

The Los Angeles Lakers star underwent surgery on a torn Achilles' tendon back in mid-April and was originally expected to miss six to nine months, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles.

It appears likely that Bryant will be ready to play for the Lakers after around eight months of recovery. Or at least that’s what he told ESPN LA 710 in a recent interview, according to the station's Twitter account. Bryant shared some additional details: 

Mark Trudell of Lakers.com sat down to talk with Los Angeles’ athletic trainer, Gary Vitti, last week, and Kobe’s rehab was one of the topics they discussed. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation:

MT: Where is Bryant is terms of his rehabilitation? Do you think he can play in the season opener, as is his hope?

Vitti: We don’t know yet. Kobe looks exactly the way he’s supposed to look at this point in time. Kobe makes you look good as a training staff…we always feel good about how he’s going to recover from anything, and that’s a credit to him. He gets all of it. He’s the one that has to do it. He’s going to be great no matter whom he works with, and right now he’s working with the best, in my opinion, Judy Seto.

While Trudell asked about Bryant’s chances of playing the season opener—which seems nearly impossible at this point—I’m surprised he didn’t ask about how he thinks Bryant will play once taking the court. That’s a question everyone wants to know.

So, let’s talk about it.

Before getting injured, there was no question that Bryant was one of the top players in the NBA. He’s been remarkable over...

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