Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and the Top 10 NBA Careers of All Time

This time last year the Lakers were rolling through the Western Conference on their way to another title and inching closer to becoming the NBA’s next dynasty.

Bryant was inching closer to tying Michael Jordan’s career six championships.

Following their disgraceful exit from the playoffs this year, Bryant’s odds of ever winning another title suddenly look very grim -- particularly in light of the ever-rising level of competition in the West.

Given Kobe Bryant’s inability to stop or even delay the Lakers’ sudden descent, one would probably be safe in arguing that Bryant is no longer the best player in the league.

But where does he rank all time?

Even among those considered to be all time greats, few have ended their careers with five or more titles. 

How many of them rank above Bryant from a career achievement standpoint? 

Remember this list ranks all time careers and not the players themselves.

Having said that, the achievements of careers from long gone legends like Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson need to be contextualized by today's standards.

While I refrained from concocting any mathematical formula, much of what I used here is good ol' fashioned common sense.

For example, you know Wilt would could never average 50 points per game throughout an NBA season today, right?

Warning: this article may induce heart attacks for delusional old timers.

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