Kobe Bryant Injury: Wrist Injury No Reason for Concern in Los Angeles

Right now there is a lot of paranoia and drama building up in the Los Angeles area surrounding the Lakers.

Everything from the rejected Chris Paul trade to the news that Kobe Bryant is getting divorced has been a source of frustration for fans of the team.

First the team doesn't get Chris Paul or Dwight Howard as most fans were hoping in the offseason.

Then, Gasol and Bynum were frustrated with management after the Paul trade failed to go through.

Finally, the news of Bryant's divorce has been nothing but a distraction for the team and Bryant since the news arose recently.

However, none of this has caused as much panic as the injury Bryant sustained during the team's game Monday against the Clippers.

Although the MRI revealed a torn lunotriquetral ligament in Bryant's right wrist, there really is no reason for panic in L.A.

According to ESPN, Bryant has played in 1,103 regular-season games in a possible 1,230 during his career.

There is no reason to believe that this injury will keep Bryant off the court.

He played every game last season with a nagging knee injury. A little pain has never been something to slow down Bryant.

It's a long season.

Even if Bryant does miss the season opener, which is unlikely, the team will still have plenty of time to rebound and prepare for a run later in the season.

Right now, I'd be more concerned about the divorce than the injury.

Ultimately, neither will have a huge impact on his play this season.

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