Kobe Bryant: If Lakers Don’t Win a Championship, How Does It Affect His Legacy?

The Los Angeles Lakers looked like anything but the defending NBA champs both at the start of these playoffs and at many points during this past regular season, until Kobe Bryant rose from the ashes and off his injured ankle to throw down two mesmerizing dunks in Game 5 versus the New Orleans Hornets.

And while I never count out Kobe, and he hopefully has reminded everyone that neither should you, there are still the doubters and haters who feel Kobe is done. Stick a fork in him and his Lakers.

These doom and gloomers, as I call them, most favorite dig is that if Kobe doesn’t win another ring this season, his legacy will forever be tarnished. 

Here are the main shots fired on this subject and we’ll take them head on to determine fact or fiction.

So how will not three-peating affect Kobe’s legacy?

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