Kobe Bryant: Has the Lakers Star Become the NBA’s Knight in Shining Armor?

     It may have taken his whole career to get to this point.  But, the Los Angeles Lakers' superstar Kobe Bryant is now in a position to become the new hero of the NBA.  With the formidable three-headed dragon growling in Miami, he could be the only one in the league that can slay the monster.  And outside South Beach, that is something that most NBA fans (and league officials) would love to see.

     The new "Superfriends" in Miami represent more than a team that is overly stocked with talent.  It threatens the whole fabric of the NBA. Competitive balance used to be something that the league could brag about.  Take a look at the San Antonio Spurs and their 4 championships.  That's right, they played in San Antonio, a small market if there ever was one.  That never seemed to be an issue.  But in one fell swoop, the tables were turned on the whole sport. Goodbye small market success stories. If all the stars are going to join forces, it definitely won't be in markets that won't maximize their efforts.  You will never hear the words uttered "I'm going to take my talents to Bourbon Street."

    I believe its safe to say that most league officials would prefer their athletes to allow their fans to buy into the fact that the games are not just highly competitive because of talent on display. But also because the players don't particularly like each other.  This has probably never been true, but its been a tradition that was worth keeping. Of course this is not the case anymore in the NBA's new "Bromance" era.

    Is it really a good idea for all of the NBA superstars to cheer each other on via Twitter to a point that's bordering on flirting?

     How would you feel if you knew that after a future Miami Heat and Orlando Magic playoff game, that Dwight Howard and Lebron James were going out for ic...

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