Kobe Bryant: Forget the Black Mamba…How About the Lazy Mamba of the NBA?

Have I got your attention now?


I should preface that headline with a few statements before I truly get into this article.

I do not watch every single NBA game. To state the obvious, that means that I do not watch each and every Los Angeles Lakers game. I watch as many as I can, as they are still the team to beat in my mind, and they are generally featured in many marquee match-ups.

Kobe Bryant is still an elite player in the league. He is still amongst the top 10 in the game today, and may go down as one of the five or six greatest players to ever step foot on the court.

With all that being said, when I watch him play, the first thought that comes to my mind is that he is perhaps one of the laziest players I have ever seen play this game.

Especially where nobody ever calls him out on this negative behavior.

Now, I am hoping to spark quite a debate with this piece. I expect that a few people will agree with me, while the majority of them may disagree and even despise what I am writing. But before you jump all over me in the comments section, at least do me the courtesy of allowing me to explain my sentiments.

Bryant is still a stud in the NBA today, even in his 14th season. That is very impressive. He still averages over 25 points per game for the two time defending champions. He can score with the best of them, and no one can take that away.

But if you watch Bryant now, and I mean really watch him all over the floor, he has become lazy.

Maybe lazy isn't really the best term to describe him; perhaps he appears more disinterested. People jump all over Jay Cutler for how he looked on the sidelines of the NFC Championship game. Actually, I am one of them as well, but that is for another day and article.

But Bryant, at least at times, looks even worse. If something is not going his way, he appears as if he couldn't care less what is g...

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