Kobe Bryant: Five Things He Must Do to Remain Relevant

Change is inevitable however, growth is debatable. The Los Angeles Lakers have changed the players around Kobe Bryant several times in his illustrious 15-year career. Those changes have resulted in seven trips to the NBA Finals and five NBA titles.

Bryant has amassed a spectacular resume and was an instrumental cog in two different championship machines.

In his Shaq years, he was the second scoring option to the most dominate big man of our generation. While teamed with Pau Gasol, Bryant moved from the role of choir boy to the role of Eddie Kane. In the process, Bryant flourished and cemented himself as one of the games’ greatest ever.

Now the Lakers’ great is facing an opponent that has never been defeated, father time. Gone are Phil Jackson and any resemblance of the triangle offense that Bryant so beautifully mastered.

The Lakers have changed their coaching staff and will more than likely make at least one significant change to their current roster. This change will probably come without Bryant’s input or suggestion.

When asked at his end of the season press conference about what his plans were for the offseason Kobe answered that he would work hard in proving the “mo-fos wrong” who say he is done. That was the wrong answer and probably played a role in why the Buss family did not consult him in the team’s coaching search.

The decline in #24’s game was serendipitous and swift. He went from dominate against the Hornets to doormat against the Mavericks.

Yet, he believes this is nothing more than a blip on the radar and an offseason of training will allow the Laker great to return back to form.


Bryant must evolve his game. He must not only change his approach, but also become a facilitator and seize moments not games.

More than anything else Bryant must show he has grown as a basketball pla...

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