Kobe Bryant: Did His Left-Handed Dunk Against the Hornets Right the Ship?

Would you look Kobe Bryant in the eyes after he thunder dunked on you?  I wouldn’t.  Not even if I was Emeka Okafor’s size.

It’s not the size of the vertical that counts anymore with Kobe; it’s the size of the game.  And it was definitely the biggest game for the Lakers so far in this three-peat possible season.

The bigger the game—the bigger the killing for the “Black Mamba.”  And the killer snake was recently spotted on the floor in the Staples Center off I-10 in L.A. 

It was unable to be captured and escaped unharmed.  A slithering Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant slashed the lane and leaped around and over the New Orleans Hornets.  It was such a spectacular move that Kobe’s own teammates stood up and hollered.

It sent a message to his teammates, to the fans and to the rest of the NBA.  The meaning behind the memo is the Lakers are going to play with enthusiasm for the rest of this year’s playoffs.  While some say they’re vulnerable, the Lakers playing like they care are more likely to draw vultures over their rotting prey, than for L.A. to be preyed upon.

Mamba’s aerial assaults have become commonplace over the years.  The last two or three seasons, though, have been different.  Fans and teammates know Kobe paces himself and brings out the big guns for the biggest games.

In the pivotal fifth game of their playoff series, the Hornets peeped his game and proceeded to fold to an enthused opponent.  The Lakers ended up blowing them out of the boat by 16 in L.A.

Looking in Kobe’s blood-shot eyes, it appeared he probably didn’t get much sleep the night before the game.  He was undergoing non-stop treatment on his ankle and may have slept with the electronic-stimulation wires strapped on.

And it was a big game in a close ser...

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