Kobe Bryant: Did He Blow His Last Chance at Winning Another Ring?

With the Lakers' recent disappointing display of basketball in this year's playoffs and the looming retirement of Phil Jackson, Los Angeles is a pretty unsettling place to be right now.

Since the Dallas Mavericks swept the Lakers in the second round not even two weeks ago, there have been countless articles and television segments scrutinizing the direction, or lack thereof, this team is going in.

Many believe it is a necessity for the Lakers to gut their roster and bring in another superstar, along with some other new faces, to pair with Kobe Bryant. 

Speaking of Bryant, amidst all this talk of change and direction, one must wonder if Kobe blew his last shot at winning an NBA title.

It's a valid notion considering that Bryant is not getting any younger. We saw in the playoffs a Bryant who, for the first time in his career, seemed susceptible to injury. We also saw a Bryant that was unable to lead his team out of the hole it dug itself.

Changes appear to be on the horizon for this Los Angeles team, and no one can predict what those changes will bring.

Will the Lakers be title contenders next season?  

No one truly knows. All we can do is speculate on the subject.

But before we speculate on whether or not the Lakers will be a championship-caliber team next season, let's first focus on what exactly went wrong this year.

What made the Lakers collapse against Dallas in the playoffs?  

What has all of a sudden led to this talk about Bryant not being fit to lead this team anymore?

Where did these problems facing the Lakers originate?

Surprisingly enough, the answer to the aforementioned questions lies not within Bryant, but in the Lakers' future plans, which were already in motion before their playoff collapse.

We all knew that Jackson was retiring after this season, and that was something this team was p...

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