Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott Working to Revive Lakers’ Championship Culture

Nobody logically believes the Los Angeles Lakers are going to win an NBA title this season, but that’s not stopping new coach Byron Scott and reigning franchise cornerstone Kobe Bryant from trying to revive a championship culture.

Is talking about it and doing it one and the same? Of course not, but it begins with restoring a belief system that has eroded in recent years.

The trophies in offices and banners on the wall may be inanimate reminders of better days, but they’re necessary with the human links having been winnowed away to the point of near extinction.

Scott and Bryant are undertaking the task of reinstalling Lakers culture back into Lakerland.

During the 2010-11 season, coaches and players on the Lakers roster held a total of 56 championship rings. That was Phil Jackson’s last year with the organization, and his departure led to a further exodus—assistant coaches were let go, and players were either traded over time or not brought back in free agency.

Four years later, Bryant is the only player on the roster with a tie to his team’s championship past, with five titles under his belt.

Scott has three rings from his days as a Showtime player, while assistant coach Mark Madsen won two as a player in L.A.

Apart from those in management, these three are the last living, breathing ties to a glorious tradition.

So yes, it is up to them.

Two weeks before training camp, Scott told Mark Medina for the Los Angeles Daily News:

I’m going to walk into our locker room the first day of our meeting and say, ‘I want to win a championship.’ I don’t want us thinking it’s fine if we just make the playoffs or think we have no shot at making the playoffs. I don’t believe that. I want our guys to have the same mindset as I do.

The mantra has remained consistent. At the e...

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