Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers: What Can We Expect This Season?

Recently, Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons sat down for a Los Angeles Lakers preview podcast. It’s great! Check it out here. Both these guys know hoops and have deep sources. Plus, any podcast that features a Magic Johnson Mogul doll has my attention.

The podcast cracked me up because, while at first the guys convinced themselves that the Lakers have no shot at the playoffs, by the end of the podcast, they had talked themselves into just the opposite.

No one knows what the Lakers will be this season.

Let’s take a further look, incorporating their views, mine and the prevailing media wisdom.


Assumption 1: The Lakers will tank to get higher draft picks.

No way. They have too many guys on one year or expiring deals. That translates into effort by the individual players because this is essentially their audition tape for a new contract.

Related thought: No tanking will be tolerated by the front office when Time Warner Cable just paid $3 billion for TV rights. You at least have to put something watchable out on the court.


Assumption 2: The Lakers will be entertaining.

Agreed. Whether that means fun, competitive basketball or dysfunctional organization is anybody’s guess. But they will not be boring.

I guarantee that head coach Mike D’Antoni will try to implement his run and gun offense. He’s in a better position in some ways this year because the Lakers got younger, more athletic pieces, but it is a mistake to think Steve Nash is going to be able to run the game the way he did in the mid 2000s.

Enter Jordan Farmar. In my opinion, he was the best pickup of the offseason. I’ve always been a Farmar homer.

He’s from LA, went to UCLA and contributed to the 2009 and 2010 championship teams.  Best of all, he’s a good guy. No behind the ...

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