Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Have Private Dinner at Beverly Hills Steakhouse

But who paid the tab? 

That’s the only question I have about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan enjoying a fine dinner at a Beverly Hills steakhouse on Wednesday night 

TMZ reports the two men dined together in a private room at Mastro’s Steakhouse, but no one seems to know who picked up the tab.

Just trying to imagine the close-quarters combat that took place after this check is captivating. You’ve got two alpha male mega millionaires with all the reason in the world to try and swing authority on the other.

Here’s how I picture it going down: 

Jordan: “No dessert. I think we’re ready for the check.”

Kobe: “I got this one.”

Jordan: “Naw, young man.” [shoots napkin into bread basket] “It’s all me.”

Kobe: “Please, I insist. Yo!” [claps hands] [hisses at waiter]. “Right here.”

Jordan: [pushes off table] [grabs check as he falls backward] “BOOM.”

Something of this nature occurred, and I’m leaning toward Jordan footing the bill.

TMZ also mentioned His Airness had lunch earlier in the day with Mark Wahlberg and was able to confirm that the actor paid the bill. The website writes that Wahlberg said he felt like he owed Jordan lunch. 

“Mark paid for that meal telling us it’s the least he could do for Michael since Jordan always hooks him up with sick shoes,” TMZ reports. 

This tidbit convinces me Jordan paid for dinner. There’s no way His Airness allows two men to pay for his meals in the same day. He’s not built with the faculties to accept such charity.

The only other question left is: What did these two talk about?

My guess? The Lakers rebuild, the NBA Finals and the new “No Glass Bottles&...

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