Kobe Bryant and 50 Of His Worst Shooting Games

The Lakers lost to the Celtics at home and many factors were involved. In this game though, Kobe Bryant had one of his better career shooting nights making over 50% of his shots and ending up with 41 points and zero assists. 

This led me to study every game of his career to see how many times he gunned and gunned while not even making 30%.

Actually I narrowed it down to games where he took at least 10 shots and shot under 29% or under from the field and whether his team won and how many assist he had. 

There were 74 games in Kobe's career where he has so far taken 10-plus shots and shot under 30%. I had to cut 24 of these games just to make this a nice list of 50. I didn't want 74 slides. 

He had many more games where he took under 10 shots and shot under 30%, mostly in his first two seasons.

There have been stories on Shaq's and Kobe's greatest games, but this story is a little different. They are in chronological order and include at least at least two games from each of his 15 seasons.  

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