Kobe Bryant: 10 Reasons the Los Angeles Lakers Great is Hated

It's no secret that Kobe Bryant is the most polarizing figure in the National Basketball Association, or at least he was until the whole "South Beach" development.

Let's just call it a close contest for now. With all the amazing moments Kobe has brought to the NBA and its fans, there has also been a few...unflattering moments. Then there's a few poor choices, some simple facts, and one giant fiasco.

I decided to tackle this project to shed some unbiased light on each of these incidents and facts. This is also not to tear Kobe down or start a platform to bash him, Kobe's been my favorite player since 1996.

Everyone makes mistakes, and many professional athletes have made very similar ones as Kobe's. For the dedicated Lakers/Kobe fans, this may not be fun to re-live. For haters this should be a gold mine. But for people who have an open mind, it should also be educational.

Well, here we go...

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