Knicks vs. Lakers Reveals Old and New Drama with Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant

The rise of Carmelo Anthony’s 2012 New York Knicks has been an unexpected Broadway hit. Their show continues west in the city of glittering stars and NBA championship trophies.  

Leave it to Kobe Bryant’s Lakers to steal the headlines with a Hollywood cast of stars who have thus far been a colossal flop. Will the return of Steve Nash be the Christmas miracle that sends the Lakers back to the long and winding championship road?


Melo Flavor

Talent has never been the problem for Anthony. In the 10 years following his Syracuse Orange championship season, he has often displayed hall-of-fame brilliance and clutch play. His sinewy limbs and length could fling a basketball from virtually any spot on the floor, defenders notwithstanding. At his best, he is a matchup seemingly impossible to thwart.

Talent rarely follows the script. While it’s true that Anthony has had a merry-go-round of teammates from the Rocky Mountains to the New York Islands, basketball observers have increasingly questioned his drive, selfishness and reluctance to play defense.

A decade passes swiftly and the years of an NBA superstar can drain away like sand in a sieve. Suddenly they are holding onto their prime, desperately hoping to mesh with the right kinds of teammates and hoping their window of opportunity lets in a few more seasons.

It’s now or never for Anthony.

Other great players have long ago established the particular list that also bears Anthony’s name. He is penciled in for now, but with still time to join the more elite club. It’s not disgraceful to be in the conversation with the likes of Elgin Baylor, Bob Lanier, Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Alex English, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Webber, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone.

But it would be nice to taste the champagne, smooth and mellow, forever satisfying.

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