Kings vs. Lakers: What to Watch for in Friday’s California Showdown

The stars are always out in California, and even though it's the NBA preseason, there are certainly going to be intriguing things to watch for when the Sacramento Kings take on the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night.

While the team from Los Angeles is receiving as much hype as any team in recent memory, the Kings are fighting to keep the team in Sacramento and have some solid developing players of their own.

Other than how many movie stars will be in attendance, here's what's happening that's sure to pique even the casual fan's interest in this otherwise relatively meaningless game.


Will the Lakers establish chemistry?

In the grand scheme of an 82-game season and a perceived deep playoff run, the Lakers will likely look back on the preseason and laugh. That said, it would be ideal for all of their star players to get on the same page before the significant games begin.

There's always time during the course of the season to adjust. But the sooner the better for Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, who have yet to coexist well in the backcourt.

Since Nash is a bit of a liability defensively, it's perfect that Dwight Howard is there to man the paint while Kobe's All-NBA defensive prowess can lock down the perimeter, along with Ron Artest. I mean Metta World Peace.

It will also be interesting to see how Antawn Jamison fits in off the bench, as he hasn't performed very well at power forward.

Plenty of questions surround the Lakers. but Howard may return tonight, according to Marcus J. Spears of Yahoo! Also back in the fold may be Pau Gasol, who sat last game due to rest, as reported by Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times.

Even if that's not the case, one positive is that Mike Brown can experiment with different lineups to see how his stars mesh with other key role players.


Can Tyreke Evans settle in at 2-guard?


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