Kent Bazemore and Robert Sacre Duo Will Be Greatest Bench Celebrators Ever

So many people are mistakenly dismissing the 2014 NBA trade deadline as fire-less smoke.

Those of us in the know will always remember it for bringing the greatest dancing duo in NBA history together.

The 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers haven't gotten a lot of things right, but pairing deadline pickup Kent Bazemore with incumbent hype man Robert Sacre is pure genius:

Before arriving in L.A., Bazemore spent the first season-plus of his career as a deep reserve on Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson's bench. He saw a shade above five minutes a night and should have been forgettable or simply foreign to the basketball world.

He wasn't. He was a semi-star, talented enough that the creators of NBA 2K14 had to capture his gifts through motion sensors for use in the virtual world.

What exactly were these gifts, you ask? Just some of the finest celebrations you'll see this side of Chad Ochocinco.

Bazemore was a sideline legend in Oakland. He might even be the best dancer in L.A.

If he is, he'll likely need to win that title first in a dance-off with Sacre. Judging by the big man's sideline shimmies, that won't be an easy task.

What happens when two minds as brilliant as these come together? Who knows?

It's rare we ever get to see two in-their-prime virtuosos sharing the same venue.

When the stars do perfectly align, though, the bar is rightfully raised. Thankfully, Bazemore said he's more than ready to up the ante with his new dancing partner, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles:

We can't expect magic overnight.

Bazemore's one game (and an impressive 33 minutes) into his Lakers' career. There are going be to some rough patches early on, with each learning the strengths and limitations of the other.

However, we're already catching glimpses of the limitless possibi...

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