Jordan Hill Is Latest LA Laker to Question Return If Mike D’Antoni Is Back

For Los Angeles Lakers big man and free-agent-to-be Jordan Hill, the idea of playing another season under coach Mike D'Antoni is a deal-breaker.

Considering Hill knows it wouldn't actually involve any, well, playing, it's hard to fault his rationale.

"It gets old," Hill said of his fluctuating position in the coach's rotation, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times. "It’s what you can expect, though. It’s not a surprise."

The 26-year-old, and eighth overall pick in 2009, poured in a career-best 28 points on March 27. Three games and five days later, he never once got off the bench during L.A's 124-112 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

While Hill told Medina "it's too early to say" what he'll do when he hits the unrestricted free-agent market this summer, he made it abundantly clear he has no interest in reviving this same role with the Lakers next season.

"Of course not," Hill said, via Medina. "Who would?"

D'Antoni chalked up Hill's wild minutes ride to the former lottery pick simply being on the losing end of the numbers game, via Lakers Nation's Serena Winters:

Peering through a one-year lens might lead an outside observer to the same conclusion. Given the circumstances facing L.A.'s sinking ship (the Lakers are a woeful 25-50 on the season), it makes sense to throw minutes at 22-year-old rookie forward Ryan Kelly and 24-year-old sophomore center Robert Sacre.

Those added minutes have to come at someone's expense, and Hill is one of the unfortunate victims.

Yet, you can't view the situation with that narrow of a focus. Not when Hill and D'Antoni have a history extending well beyond the current season's limits.

Hill saw even fewer minutes (15.8 a night) under D'Antoni in the 2012-13 campaign than he has this season (19.9). D'Antoni also coached the New York Knicks when they drafted Hill and gave the high-energy b...

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