Jordan Farmar or Kendall Marshall: Who Fits Better with LA Lakers’ Future?

The Los Angeles Lakers must decide which point guard will steer the team for the next few years.

The obvious answer was supposed to be: Steve Nash. But his injury woes since relocating to Los Angeles make it practically impossible for the franchise to rely on Nash going forward. He has only appeared in 60 games since joining Lakerland.

Nash is under contract until the end of next season, but projecting his availability might be on the same level as picking winning lottery numbers.

That means the point guard of the future is either Jordan Farmar or Kendall Marshall unless. Granted, L.A. could sign someone in free agency or draft a point guard, but these scenarios require the Lakers to look outside the organization for help, which hardly guarantees success.

The team has to evaluate players that they are relatively unfamiliar with, whereas they probably already have a good understanding of what Farmar and Marshall bring to the table. Thus, the answer is probably one of them.


Fitting the Coaching Philosophy?

The player who best fits Mike D'Antoni's offense will more than likely have a great shot at securing the job as the Lakers' starting point guard.

D'Antoni is under contract until the end of 2014-15, with a club option for the following year, per Ramona Shelburne of Although there is no certainty L.A. will keep its head coach throughout the duration of his deal, we will assume in this space that such is the case.

D'Antoni favors playing at a fast pace and spreading the court with shooters. He puts players in numerous pick-and-rolls and trusts them to make the proper reads in the face of defensive rotations. Naturally, a pass-first guard works perfectly in this setting because he can hit open players for easy shots.

This is right up Marshall's alley. He anticipates defensive movements fairly quickly and adjusts by hitt...

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