Jodie Meeks Outscores Thunder in 3rd Quarter by Himself

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jodie Meeks caught fire in the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon. Actually, that may be putting it lightly.

The Thunder came into this game fifth in the league in points per game. That should tell you something about just how incredible Meeks' third-quarter performance was.

He scored 12 of those 20 points behind the three-point line, draining four triples in the quarter. He also did an incredible job defensively, displaying active hands and forcing turnovers.

It was just an all-around spectacular effort from the 26-year-old out of Kentucky.

The best part? We got to see an awesomely weird celebration by Jordan Farmar on the sideline.

The Lakers are having fun in this one. That's great to see.

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