Jodie Meeks Endorses Sleeved NBA Jerseys, Wants to Wear Them More

Though many of the NBA's more outspoken players have come out against sleeved jerseys, Los Angeles Lakers guard Jodie Meeks is one of the few who has voiced his support.

Per Matthew Hochberg of Dime Magazine, Meeks said:

I don’t have any complaints with them. I had my career-game in them – I wish I could wear them every day (Laughs). They’re a lot lighter. Sleeveless jerseys are obviously the traditional ones and have been around longer, but I have no problem with sleeved jerseys. We should wear them more.

Meeks isn't just taking a contrarian position—he's speaking from the heart.

In the midst of a lost season with the Los Angeles Lakers, a sleeved Meeks enjoyed a banner game on March 9, scoring a career-high 42 points in a stunning 114-110 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Maybe if Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack had enjoyed similar success in the league's polarizing tops, he wouldn't be saying, "We're like the Beach Police. You know those police who are on the beach with those bikes? They've got those little shirts with the shorts? That's what we look like. Like we about to give somebody a citation," per Jodie Valade of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

You can also count Stephen Curry among those who prefer the old-school tanks when it comes to in-game wear. Last year, Curry called the jerseys "ugly," perhaps out of frustration following a 2-of-13 effort, per Sam Amick of USA Today.

And earlier this year, LeBron James expressed frustration following a rough shooting effort of his own, per Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated. "Every time I shoot it pulled. It feels like it’s just pulling every time I shoot, right underneath my arm. I already don’t have much room for error on my jumpshot anyway, so it’s definitely not a good thing."

It won't make Curry or James feel any bett...

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