Jim Buss Needs to Get Derek Fisher on the L.A. Lakers Phone ASAP

There's a very sticky situation going on in Los Angeles that's getting stickier by the minute.

Between Lakers vice president Jim Buss (turning into one of the most egotistical and shady owners in sports), guards dropping like flies and Chris Duhon in the starting lineup, something has to be done in L.A.

There's no real guards on the open market who would be both effective on the floor and a calming presence to a team with more psychological issues than talent problems. Delonte West is an option, but it might not be wise to insert him into a volatile situation, especially when the Lakers already have one such player in Metta World Peace.

A few other options floating around—Gilbert Arenas is out there and would probably play for a few bucks and a subscription to Guns & Ammo, although he's not nearly as effective as he was even a few years ago, and Baron Davis is unsigned, but he is still recovering from what can only be described as a right knee eruption.

That leaves....well very few basketball players. That being said, there is one really old guy who would probably think a return to the Lakers would be a cool idea.

I'm aware of the endless number of old guys who populate the Lakers roster, and I understand that adding another one to a Mike D'Antoni offense makes little to no sense, but Derek Fisher could legitimately help this team.

After a season in which he played well enough for the eventual Western Conference champions, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Fisher is still capable of knocking down three-pointers, and he's continued to be a decent floor general as he's gotten older.

What should really be the deciding factor, however, is that the Lakers are currently without Steves—Nash and Blake, which makes their backcourt depth all the shallower. Fisher's an easy fill-in for the time being. And he's not Chris Duhon, so he's got that going for him.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers