Jeanie Buss on Lakers’ Front Office Accountability: “The Buck Stops with Me”

Don't worry, Los Angeles Lakers fans. Jeanie Buss wants you to know that she's in charge of the operation that her father, the late Dr. Jerry Buss, left to her and her five siblings when he passed away last year:

That's what she told Lakers broadcaster Bill McDonald in an interview on Tuesday, a portion of which aired during Access SportsNet on Time Warner Cable SportsNet in L.A. The full sit-down is set to air at 5:30 p.m. PT on the network, before the Lakers host the San Antonio Spurs.

Buss covered a wide range of Lakers-related topics during her chat with McDonald, from Phil Jackson joining the New York Knicks and her relationship with her family to Kobe Bryant's future and the opportunity this year's NBA draft lottery represents for her beloved Purple and Gold. Below are some of the highlights from Buss' interview.


On Her Fiance, the Zen Master

Coincidentally (or not), Buss stepped back into the public eye on the very same day that her fiance, Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, was officially introduced as team president of the New York Knicks. When asked why Jackson wound up in the Knicks' front office and not that of the Lakers, Buss explained that there simply wasn't an opening for her restless mate to fill:

Buss then pointed out that while working with the Knicks will be "a job" for Jackson, her commitment to the Lakers is for life. When pressed about whether Jackson was ever offered a position in L.A., Buss said he wasn't and that his recent appearances at Staples Center, most notably during Shaquille O'Neal's jersey retirement, were not made in any official capacity. She reiterated that there wasn't a position available in the front office that would've been commensurate with Jackson's immense basketball knowledge:

Buss wished Jackson well in New York, though not at the Lakers' expense. She told McDonald tha...

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