Jeanie and Jim Buss Haven’t Talked Since Lakers’ Phil Jackson Fiasco

This may just be the worst season in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers. They're 17-25 with the most decorated starting lineup in the NBA and are playing under their third head coach in 42 games.

To make matters worse, Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register reports that Jeanie and Jim Buss haven't spoken to each other since the Lakers decided not to hire Phil Jackson as their head coach.

Jeanie [Buss] and Jim [Buss] aren't speaking to each other.

They haven't since Mike Brown was fired as Lakers coach in early November and the Lakers went through that unseemly, confusing, hurtful dance with Phil Jackson – the love of Jeanie's life and now her fiancé – before hiring Mike D'Antoni.

And the drama continues.

For those who missed out on the Jackson debacle, the Lakers reportedly told him that the head coaching position was "his to lose" after they fired Mike Brown (via ESPN Los Angeles). Just as Jackson prepared to accept the offer, the unthinkable transpired.

The Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni as head coach (via Yahoo! Sports). In turn, the Lakers shafted Jeanie Buss' fiance.

A debatable decision.

By comparison, D'Antoni has never once made it to the NBA Finals. In his most recent job, D'Antoni made the post season once in three full seasons and compiled an overall record of 121-167 with the New York Knicks.

So far with the Lakers, D'Antoni is 12-20.

Jackson, meanwhile, has won 11 career NBA championships and secured five with the Lakers. Jackson won two titles as recently as 2009 and 2010 with current Laker players Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

We can go on for hours in reference to the decision made about who should have been named the Lakers' head coach, but there is a more significant issue than who is on the sidelines.

From top to bottom, the Lakers are in shambles. Their players are underwh...

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